Postnatal depression

The term “Postnatal Depression” in my practice is used to describe a range of distressing symptoms following childbirth and it is all included in the treatment. It does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from clinical depression. You may be experiencing some or lots of difficult feelings other than depressed mood: sometimes you may be feeling highly stressed with anxiety, or very heavy feelings of guilt at another time

Common difficult experiences after childbirth:

  • The new set of demands a baby brings, for which you have inadequate preparation and support,
  • The loss of order and routine,
  • The sleepless nights,
  • The changes in your role, including career decisions
  • The relationship with your partner; and your partner’s possible adjustment difficulties to parenting, or his absence due to work demands or relationship breakdown.

You may be struggling with:

  • Intense feelings of sadness, anxiety, worthlessness, anger, shame, guilt etc,
  • Difficulties in concentration and decision making,
  • Disturbances of appetite and sleep,
  • Lack of interest and energy,
  • Thoughts about suicide and death.

Regardless of how long it has been after giving birth, these symptoms can persist in ranging degrees for a number of years. It is important for you to tell your story without the fear of being judged in order to start feeling better.