Anxious pregnancyanxious-preg

You are feeling extremely anxious and /or upset whilst you are pregnant because:

  • You feel fearful of pain / unknown experience of giving birth
  • You have experienced a very difficult birth / previously suffered from birth trauma
  • You have had a miscarriage / miscarriages recently
  • You are having relationship problems such as marital break down or family conflict
  • You have been a birthing partner for someone before and have been traumatised by what you witnessed
  • You are recovering from addictions and struggling having nothing to turn to
  • You don’t know why you feel so upset and not knowing is upsetting you more and more.

Whatever might be causing you distress, the aim of the service is to stabilise your emotions in order to stabilise your pregnancy. You will be encouraged to express your fear, worries and anxiety in order to gain some breathing space for you and your baby.