About the Therapist – Sumiyo Shimoda (FD, Reg. MBACP)

Sumiyo is a humanistic psychotherapist and maternity counsellor with a wealth of experience and success in counselling mothers and their family with birth trauma, postnatal depression and anxious pregnancy. She has a great understanding as to how dreadful these conditions can be, and is able to normalise your feelings and support you to find ways to cope.

Sumiyo is also a registered member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (674489/Reg:079816). She has many years of clinical experience of trauma-processing, working with the consequences of long-term exposure to stress through childhood trauma. This background allows her to maximise her ability to support mothers and their partners with their psychological difficulties.


My approach to therapy

My counselling approach is very sensitive, gentle and person-centred – that is, your issues, concerns, needs and wishes are always placed in the centre of our therapy work.

Whether your case may be about birth trauma, ante/postnatal depression, anxious pregnancy, relationship difficulties, parenting issues, childhood trauma, or your own attachment issues – I support you to explore your truth and help your real feelings become more accessible, and to reduce the psychological tension that you may be experiencing.

For example, you may be unknowingly conflicted between what your friends and family say how you should be, and what you are experiencing in your pregnancy and childbirth in reality.

Whatever is causing you pain, you and I work as a team to ease such discomfort in order for you to gain some emotional stability and find ways to cope.

Beginning your therapy

Some of you may have been waiting for your distressing feelings to go away with time. And you are feeling very guilty, frustrated and disappointed that they haven’t. You may have been battling with yourself that reaching out for help is a sign of weakness.

I know that no one makes a decision of contacting a therapist lightly and I understand how frightening it can be to take the first step.

Please feel free to ring me for a free 15-minute consultation and see if that helps you feel any better. Or email me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about my therapy work.

I will respond as soon as possible, within 12 hours.

If you feel therapy will be helpful for you, we can arrange our first assessment meeting where we can discuss your issues in more depth and how we can work together towards what you may wish to gain from your therapy.

Continue with your therapy

If you wish to go ahead with therapy, it is recommended that you attend regularly, for your therapy to be most effective. Some people may only need 2 or 3 sessions, where some may choose to stay in therapy for a few months. We will come to an agreement between us in our first meeting approximately how many sessions you may need. However ultimately it is up to you when you want to leave, or continue with therapy. We review our work regularly to check your progress and ensure you receive the best service.