Welcome to Poole Counselling for Postnatal Depression.

Traditionally, childbirth is viewed by society as a joyful event. It is a time for celebration, happiness and fulfilment. The private experience of childbirth in real life is often far from this idealised image, with daunting number of women experiencing low mood and emotional burden.

Poole Counselling for Postnatal Depression is a service that provides a safe, professional, confidential and non-judgemental space for you and your family to discuss your difficulties with pregnancy and childbirth.

Psychological therapy is recommended by NICE (National institution of Clinical Excellence www.nice.org.uk ) in their latest edition in 2014, as a choice of treatment for perinatal mental health problems as well as pharmacological intervention (such as antidepressants).

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Are you very anxious or overwhelmed in your pregnancy for whatever reason, and need to speak to someone?
  • Are you or your partner suffering from antenatal or postnatal depression?
  • Have you experienced a traumatic birth?
  • Have you suffered a loss through miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy?
  • Are you struggling in your new role as a parent/ do you find parenting emotionally exhausting?
  • Is your current relationship suffering because of these kinds of unresolved issues?

You don’t have to keep suffering. Therapy can stabilise you, reduce your distress and find ways to cope.

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Home visits also available – receive therapy in your own home